Saturday, November 20, 2004


BIAS by Bernard Goldberg
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  • ilaxi

  • An Emmy Award Winner, CBS Reporter Bernard Goldberg has come forward to expose how liberal Bias pervades the mainstream media. Think! Media are biased? Conservatives have been crying foul for years but here, Bernard reveals bare truths.

    Bernard Goldberg, narrates his Liberally biased outbursts of the very secrets of the television network media. Bias is bottomless Intellectual corruption revealed by fearless and courageous reporter. Goldberg has revealed the blunt truth, inside scoop of stories and dared to come forward to portray how liberal Bias infuse bias reporting in network television and trigger hindrance to reporting facts. Issues ranging from homelessness to aids, reporters are going over the misinformation of pressure groups they favor, to the harm of honest reporting. Fairness, balanced and integrity disappeared with changing times in network television. There has been one-sided nature of reporting of the news coverage tilting to the left as Goldberg mentions; which is close minded and journalists honesty have become pawn to liberal opinion. Goldberg tried to voice his say from post to pillar but his critics considered him a disgruntled Reporter and his bitterness with the management made him write the WSJ op-ed story that ruined his career! The television news business is far different from the media print world and far often the primary objective is overlooked with bias reporting in television network. Political correctness in network television creates a sensation ahead of the facts and enthusiasm of the reporters mis-fires the message, often misleading the viewers to create waves over the issue. An example is the Riots of Gujarat, the whole print and television media journalists focused on the one major issue and harp over the incidents to raise the heat of news reporting. Balance reporting fell out of gear and the news that shoot and create waves chart to the top and the biggest scoop story of the time would probably not be heard in the evening news. The bias really affect on how people view to see the world! Goldberg's CBS reporting experience made him opine his voice boldly about the truth that pervade the business and his trials led him to pen down Bias with the opening harsh critics of Dan Rathar who regards criticism of liberal bias as disloyalty and after working in network news for 30 years as CBS reporter Goldberg comes out with Bias with names, quotes, reports n facts. Certainly a pick and a concern for every Journalist in network television or print media, Bias by Bernard Goldberg would turn a new leaf in reporting facts.

    Another Great Pick of the same author who lives in Miami, Florida is 'Arrogance' - Rescuing America from Media Elite.

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    Wednesday, November 17, 2004


    Germs by Judith Miller
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  • Bio Terrorism becomes a Nightmare, Indeed!

    A frightening and unforgettable narrative of cutting-edge science and spy craft. In the groundbreaking investigation journalism, Judith Miller, Stephen Engelberg, and William Broad of The New York Times uncover the truth about biological weapons and show why bio-warfare and bio-terrorism are fast becoming our worst national nightmare. Germs shows why advances in biology and the spread of germ weapons expertise to such countries as Iran, Iraq, and North Korea could make germs the weapon of the twenty-first century. Germs sprayed in shopping malls, bombs that let scars in battlefields, plague spread in Times Square and all is a common man's hydrogen bombs, hideous weapons of mass destruction that can be made in a simple laboratory.

    There are some startling revelations found in the Book Germs and these shows bio-warriors, past and present at their trade. There is the American scientist who devoted his professional life to perfecting biological weapons, and the Nobel laureate who helped pioneer the new biology of genetically modified germs and is now trying to stop its misuse. The Germs focus on former Soviet scientists who made enough plague, smallpox, and anthrax to kill everyone on Earth and whose expertise is now in great demand by terrorists, rogue states, and legitimate research labs alike. Germs shows how a small group of scientists and senior officials persuaded President Bill Clinton to launch a controversial multibillion-dollar program to detect a germ attack on U.S. soil and to aid its victims, a program that, so far, is struggling to provide real protection. Its Terrorism everywhere! The world combats to fight the fury of man man weapons leading to endless destruction and violence.

    While America Sleeps

    While America Sleeps by Donald Kagan
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  • ilaxi

  • A Book by Donald Kagan is the perception of self delusion, military weakness and threat to peace today. As said by Wall Street Journal "They have produced a riveting piece of diplomatic history with lessons for the present, but their method harks back to an earlier age, when historians wrote with an ideological purpose.At a time when neither political party seems quite certain about America's role in the world, a case worth taking seriously." While America Sleeps" is an engaging, insightful work of comparative history. Using Great Britain between the wars as a point of comparison for the US today, the authors outline the great dangers faced as a nation. The book refers that US has taken a huge "peace dividend" and gutted it's military since the end of the Cold War. Furthermore, US foreign policy has been consistently erratic, misguided and timid over the same period. It has well known examples like Iraq, North Korea and the Balkans, the authors illustrate how the US has failed to make a strong stand when confronted with aggression. Furthermore, when a stand is made, it is usually ineffective and half-hearted.
    Bush administration had many of the right ideas about the role of a lone superpower, but failed to implement them. This was due largely to a failure to educate the public, and a lingering "Vietnam Syndrome" that continues to plague the military. They go on to lambast the Clinton administration for both failing to understand the dynamic of global relations, and for utterly misapplying military force. The book is a thought-provoking treatise on the role of military power in foreign policy and authors' foreshadowing of impending doom, challenge the lack of will in political leaders and controversially disturbing warning against over reliance on air power and technological superiority.

    Monday, November 01, 2004

    Indian Muslims:Where have they gone Wrong?

    Indian Muslims:Where have they gone Wrong?

    Indian Muslims

    The Book sparkles experiences of Indian Muslims-Individually & collectively. He has used the image of a prism for Ghalib and a mirror for Akbar Allahabadi.

    "Paamal hain magar hain sabit kadam wafa main
    Hum misl-e-sang-e-dar kay is aastaan par hain"
    (Through crushed, we are firm in our loyalty;
    we are like a rock at the threshold of our country.)

    Muslims in the Mughal rule, despite being away from the power centres such as Agra and Delhi, never considered themselves as a minority despite being less in numbers. That was because they were empowered. Indian muslims must redefine their status.Indian Muslims went into despair after 1857 and are yet to come out of it. They must change their attitude and should enter into a struggle for empowerment.

    At the launch of the Book in September, Goolam Vahanvati asked Muslims to join the national mainstream. I think, it’s a canard that has been there for too long and we must discard with it. We are mainstream, we are not living outside it!!

    Lately, Population statistics, and particularly the alleged "leap" in the Muslim population of India, have entered the public discourse. When I asked Dr.Saheb whether family planning was unIslamic. He said,"There was absolutely no justification for such a claim in either the Holy Quran or in the Hadith (sayings of the Prophet)". He pointed out that every single Muslim country, including Saudi Arabia, had signed the United Nations charter on population control.

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