Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Rights of Women in Islam - A book

Rights of Women in Islam by Ali Asghar Engineer

Ali Asghar Engineer has been conferred the 'Right Livelihood Honorary Award', also known as 'Alternative Nobel Prize' by the Swedish Parliament. The Award was given to him in November for his contribution to maintenance of Communal Harmony and brotherhood. Expressing his disdain at the misuse of the concept of Jihad, Dr. Engineer said that according to the teachings of Prophet Mohammed, "true jihad is to express the truth on the face of evil". He added, "even those are the true mujahideen, who fight against environmental pollution and those who dare to write the truth" He also said, "Jihad is not about using lethal weapons because those who want to establish a better world don't need such weapons".Dr. Engineer had started working towards the promotion of Communal Harmony during the Bhagalpur Riots in 1961, which left a deep effect on him. Ali Asghar Engineer says, "People should abstain from commenting about religion since it either becomes a prejudice for us or it becomes a path for vested interests. The Swedish Communist Leader informed Dr.Engineer that the 'Right Livelihood Honorary Award' is said to be the 'Alternative Nobel Prize' because it denies the pro-establishment stance of the Nobel Prize Committee. He said, the Nobel is conferred on only those who represent the establishment or are in favor.Dr. Ali Asghar Engineer was recently felicitated in Mumbai for his Achievement. Dr. Ali Asghar is a pride of Bohra community Reformist, an Author of over 40 Books with Islam and the 21st Century being the latest release.

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