Friday, September 02, 2005

Executive Skills

Test Your Executive Skills: Assess Your Potential Through 50 Effective Quizzes by Terry Farnsworth
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Book Review by ilaxi:

Know Your Potentiality - Check skills

There are times on Peak that your Career becomes stagnant in spite of efforts. This amazing valuable Book of Terry has always been my favorite. Doing crosswords and word search is fun and so when I got this priced book, it didn't take much for me to grab the copy as the caption itself reads 'Test Your Executive Skills with thoughtful questions:

1. Are you a good leader?
2. Can you manage outstanding people?
3. Can you run effective meetings?
4. Can you handle a crisis?
5. Can you Manage your Time?
6. Can you seal your own ideas?

Inside are 50 Effective quizzes to assess your potentials and check performances and skills at work levels. If you are an Executive, definitely the book provides management for Success. It has highly perceptive analysis and with his experience as Manager of Personnel Development of UK Corporate Training dept., Terry Fansworth along with his four previous books has tremendous Development boosting to possess Executive skills. The Tests helps to see yourself as others see you and recognize the mistakes and makes one improve. Some of the Topics covered up in the book are: [Random selection]

1. Do you Procrastinate? The delay tactics at work levels never brings in results.
2.Are you well organized? Bad working habits only lead to loss of respect from boss/people who work for you.
3. Are you a good speaker?
4. Can you handle Consultants?
5. How good a Politician are you?
6. Are you leading a balanced life?
7. How Tolerant are you?
8. Do you welcome a Change?
9. Are you in the Right Job?
10.Can you Take Tough Decisions?

More Topics with points to ponder over and Choose the answers that suits best, in a light, relaxed style. In today's time, when there are more Seminars conducted, more lectures through on Management skills and mind management, this Book, if you are able to grab the copy, will be tremendously helpful especially to brush up the Executive skills and ponder upon every Quiz Questions. Even if you can't grab a copy of this book, your answers to above questions will reveal your positive/negative traits. That itself makes a Big Difference. It's 'Attitude' that counts after all! Good Read.


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