Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Believe in Yourself

Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale
Review by : ilaxi

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The Power of 'Believe in Yourself'

Opening words of Norman Vincent Peale in this book says all "Believe in Yourself & Have faith in your Abilities." Millions of people read the book and its a master piece through ages. The Book reflects the positive power of wisdom that defeat is not a root cause for a down trend. It suggests techniques and gives examples which demonstrate that one can have peace of mind, better health and never ceasing flow of energy to face the hardships and tragedies in life with the power of Positive thinking. A mental diet for every human with creative living based on spiritual techniques, Peale's system outlines perfect and amazing method of successful living. Thoughts inflow remake 'You', the very person who is responsible to create his own happiness and this is what Peale explains through various topics. Its time to stop fretting and fuming when things go wrong. It’s time to break the worry habits. Faith is healing and the best prescription for heartache is the Physical activity, says Norman. He elaborates the power technique that there is no point to sit and brood instead Get Set Right with action and be constructive. Norman shows the power to solve personal problems with a belief that there is a solution for every problem, keep calm instead of tension blocking the flow of thought power, trust in the faculty of insight and intuition, seek god's guidance and he would flash illumination into the problem mind. It's expecting the Best to Get Best as Positive Thinking is the road to happiness. Norman's book is simply a practical, direct-action, personal improvement manual and written with sole objective to help readers achieve a happy, satisfying and worthwhile life. A ‘Must Pick’ and a ‘Must Read’ Book

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