Saturday, March 12, 2005

Life Isn't Fair!

Life's Not Fair But God is Good
Review by: ilaxi

Each individual lives with hopes - Who give Hopes? Robert Schuller does! Yeah, Life Isn't Fair always as we face a lot of ups and downs and hopes make one survive. It's a faith strong to build within and to read Robert's Books means keep the faith as he instil hope in the minds that Life may not be fair but keep the faith and sure, God Really sees your problems and help comes at the nick of hour. Being a great fan of Robert Schuller, his inspirations leads to a perspective to think Positive. Obstacles come your way but it is upto me, upto us, to face the challenges by keeping the faith in God. In the Religious text of Gita, it is said in hindi language 'Jo hota hai voh accha hi hoga, jo hoga voh accha hi ho raha hai...apna karm karte jao' Meaning to say, What happens is for good, what will happen will happen good, just do your good deeds. So, I believe, Robert also gives a hope and help you to be happy even in time of difficulties as you read the book coz his words in this book reflect a message to Keep the Faith and believe, trust in God. God really is fair, Is he sometimes??? Only he knows! Good console, good book.


Aaron Smith said...

I enjoy your reviews, I will be expanding my current library of books due to them. I look forward to reading more - both of your reviews and of the books.

Blossomsmile ilaxi said...

Thank You! I am an avid Reader and love to write reviews on Books and music. Am an Amazon Associate and write reviews there. You can find the link on main Blog or on

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